Alicia Johnston to keynote GC-organized conference on human sexuality

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Alicia Johnston
Alicia Johnston
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Three years after the General Conference neglected to invite a single openly-gay presenter to the first Adventist conference on homosexuality and alternative sexuality, change is in the air.

Organizers for the Silver Spring-based second international Adventist conference on sexuality have invited Alicia Johnston, a former Adventist pastor to present as a keynote speaker.

Johnston recently resigned from Adventist ministry after coming out as bisexual.

Countless hours of prayer and theological study had brought Johnston to a fresh theology of human sexuality that led to her resignation decision.

“The least we can do is hear Ms. Johnston out on this one,” said conference organizer Lite Tänkande.

“Basically all we did last time was invite people that patted us on the back and told us we were right all along.”

Tänkande added that as unlikely as it was that a bunch of graying, overwhelmingly male, change-averse defenders of the status quo could be wrong about God’s view on something as complicated as personal sexuality, the topic was worth a fresh look.

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  1. Solution

    Preachers should be asexual. Not just celibate, like the Catholic priests supposedly are, but truly asexual. That would avoid scandals like Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, and Tullian Tchividjian (grandson of Billy Graham), and many others. Ministers are human (at least most of them are), and they have feelings like other humans. Even medical doctors, who allegedly view the body in merely a scientific clinical way, can have feelings — and many male gynecologists have been accused of improper activity with patients. Again, the solution is to require asexuality for pastors and doctors. People who are not asexual should not apply to enter those professions.

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