Blue Origin Flight: Doug Batchelor To Join Jeff Bezos / Present “Amazing Space Facts”

Blue Origin
Doug Batchelor (Facebook)
KENT, Wash – It’s confirmed: Doug Batchelor is going to space with Jeff Bezos on the Blue Origin flight scheduled for later this month.

Bezos has invited Batchelor as a “guest speaker.” The Adventist preacher beat out pastors from other denominations as, in the words of Bezos, “the other preachers can’t do backflips.”

Batchelor will be charged with praying for the flight before launch and then presenting seven “Amazing Space Facts” via satellite link to a worldwide audience. 

As the trip will only last about 10 minutes, Bezos has asked Batchelor to ditch normal Adventist sermon lengths for his remarks.

Batchelor’s request to bring along an inflatable Nebuchadnezzar statue was granted as long as the statue wears a seatbelt.


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