Boy Scouts Accept Girls, Join Pathfinders

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And now for the Pathfinder Pledge...
And now for the Pathfinder Pledge…
IRVING, Texas — Amidst widespread praise of their recent decision to admit girls into their organization, the Boy Scouts of America have announced plans to further revolutionize their ranks: they are joining Pathfinders.

“There’s this great thing called Pathfinders that we recently stumbled across,” said a Boy Scouts statement released earlier today, “turns out they are similar to Boy Scouts but have cooler uniforms, have super chill Saturdays and have always admitted girls.”

According to the statement, leaders of the Boy Scouts organization have “scouted several Pathfinder camps and gatherings and discovered this amazing version of the taco salad that is vegetarian, keeps Fritos in business and is heavy on the guac.”

Boy Scout administrators announced that, to inject some new life in to the flagging spirits of the organization, the Boy Scouts will join the Pathfinder organization and try to make sense of the “awesomely cryptic” Pathfinder Law.

They added that they had no idea how the sudden influx of Boy Scouts will work at the next Oshkosh camporee.

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