BRI: Angels can watch movies after they come out on DVD

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Grab some popcorn!
Grab some popcorn!
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Years and years of research by the Adventist Biblical Research Institute have finally resulted in a ruling that, based on everything the Bible says on the topic, angels are allowed to watch movies after they have safely cleared cinemas and been released on DVD.

The BRI released a statement earlier today saying that while angels do not enter theaters, they will accompany humans who are watching movies on DVD or via a streaming service as long as the movie in question has no more than a PG rating, has been referenced on the Hope Channel and is not being viewed during Sabbath hours.

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  1. richeerich

    The whole world is a theater. Angles are watching every move. No need for DVD’s. They just watch it live. SDA’s make wonderful live DVD’s every day.. It’s a wonderful life!!. I love Little Debbies!

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