Californian Adventist Googles “What is the Second Coming?”

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Come again?
Come again?
BURBANK, Calif. — A lifelong 30-something Southern Californian Adventist Googled “What is the Second Coming?” this morning and was absolutely astounded by his search results.

“This is crazy!” said Leo Dacia as he scrolled through claims that Jesus was going to return to earth and bring his children back to live in heaven.

“I literally have never heard about this my entire life,” said Dacia, racking his brain to think of a single sermon at his local Adventist Church that addressed the topic.

Coming up with nothing, Dacia read on about the prophesied event and was shocked to read that his own denomination was one of the strongest proponents of the idea of a soon and literal Second Coming.

“This just goes to show that you can’t believe everything on Wikipedia” said Dacia heading over to to see if the Second Coming was fake news.

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