Cliff Goldstein Keeping Track Of Who’s Late To Sabbath School

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Watchful eyes.
ADVENTIST WORLD — Sabbath School lesson editor, Cliff Goldstein, has let slip he is keeping detailed records of Adventists that come late to Sabbath School. The author has been working with Sabbath School superintendents at congregations worldwide to gather the data. The up-to-date late attendance spreadsheet has been included as part of the Sabbath School app downloadable for Apple/Android. The spreadsheet highlights worst offenders in your local church/conference. Goldstein has committed to traveling the Adventist world to meet personally with chronic late arrivals and provide them with branded Sabbath School Ministries alarm clocks.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I know Cliff has my church’s SS attendance list. 930am=4 members. 945=a few more trickle in. 10am the start of the lesson study, maybe 30 members are in pews. In the kids’ departments? NADA!! Teachers are always late. Faithfully every Sabbath. Little kiddies have nowhere to go but play in the hallways, the gym area, jumping all over the bathrooms, running up&down the staircase. Keep up the good work, Cliff. When will you print the list?

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