Dance step to accompany ‘We Have This Hope’ at GC 2020

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If the San Antonio turnout is anything like Atlanta 2010, there will be a lot of people doing Pathfinder steps...
Get your step on…
SILVER SPRING, Md. — “There is absolutely no reason to freak out,” opened North American Division Sacred Music Director, Liz Samuels at a press briefing outside her office this morning. She then briefly looked over her shoulder before announcing a “simple two-step addition” to corporate singing of the Adventist classic We Have This Hope at the GC Session 2020.

“Think of it as praise chorus actions, except with your feet,” said Samuels who has been tasked with planning nightly song services for the session. Samuels is planning to teach the crowd the basic two-step move using the stadium screens.

Samuels and her team have billed the decision as “a giant leap forward for the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” and insist that the two-step is “entirely consistent with the very literal dancing that King David performed before the Lord.”

“How can we sing about a hope that ‘burns within our hearts’ while standing motionless?” Samuels asked stunned church reporters at the briefing. She stressed that the two-step will not only get the circulation flowing for the tens of thousands of GC attendees but that it will “help reinforce the message of the most beloved of Adventist anthems.”

Immediately after the briefing senior General Conference leaders released a statement saying that they had absolutely refused to accept the idea of the two-step until Samuels likened it to “a simple Pathfinder marching step to the left and then another one back to the right.” After much debate, the innovation had been tentatively accepted for testing at the GC Session providing “hands are not raised and zero clapping is involved.”

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  1. Martha Washington

    HA–no raised hands or clapping, that’s the best yet!!

    Teaching the delegates the step will take a looong time. Their feet move only reluctantly and after 40+ years of study.

  2. Richard Mills

    If I don’t like the two step dance, I can step out into the aisle and walk out of the dome? What if I want to protest, I can jump up & down, fall over the seats or down into the mezzanine seats. Woe is me. What ‘s become of our beloved SDA church??

  3. Psalm 149:3 – Let them praise His name with dancing. . . .

    Psalm 150:4 – Praise Him with tambourine and dance. . . .

    Jeremiah 31:13 – Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance. . . .

    Psalm 30:11 – You have turned my mourning into dancing. . . .

    Exodus 15:20 – Then Miriam the prophetess took a tambourine and all the women went out after her with tambourines and dancing.

  4. Lawrence

    IT’S ABOUT TIME !!! It’s about time that the archaic SDA prohibition of no dancing is danced right out the door. And the General Conference Session is the perfect place to do it ! Maybe it will dance old stick in the mud Ted Wilson right out the door. And we can all join David and dance before the Lord ! Maybe a little Joy of dancing will help restore some life into our church. Maybe this would stop our church from returning to the 1860’s that Wilson is trying so hard to return us to.

  5. Linda S

    “How can we sing about a hope that ‘burns within our hearts’ while standing motionless?”

    I’ve pondered how “I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart….” can be sung with an unsmiling face.

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