Donald Trump to explain immigration remarks at Montemorelos, Adventist University in Mexico

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Donald Trump's presidential bid has been mired in controversy from the very start...
Donald Trump’s presidential bid has been mired in controversy from the very start…
NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — In an attempt to brandish his foreign policy credentials and limit the damage from his comments about immigration from Mexico, Donald Trump has announced a tour of Mexico during which he will visit Universidad de Montemorelos, an Adventist university in the Northern Mexican state of Nuevo León.

Trump was massively criticized for comments made during his recent presidential kickoff speech in which he characterized Mexican immigrants to the United States as heinous criminals. He also announced plans to build “a great, great wall” on the border between the two countries.

Montemorelos administrators were reluctant to allow the controversial real estate mogul, Celebrity Apprentice reality show host and now presidential candidate, to visit the university but relented after Trump made clear in a statement that he was coming to Mexico “in good faith in an attempt to explain my remarks.”

“In the spirit of Christian forgivenesses, we have allowed Mr. Trump to address an audience at Montemorelos,” said Claro Tratamos, a spokesperson for the university. “Although we in no way endorse his presidential bid, Mr. Trump’s candidacy is of great interest to our International Relations and Business Studies departments. We will give him one chance and one chance only to explain his controversial position on Mexican/American relations as well as his even more disturbing hair.”

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