Game Show Launched: Who Said It – EGW or the Bible?

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — Hope Channel has just launched a new trivia game show titled “Who Said It – EGW or the Bible?” The show is an effort to clear up Adventist confusion about the origin of favorite quotes and ideas. “Far too many of our members are convinced that their most treasured “memory verses” come straight from Scripture when they really originated in a compilation of cherry-picked Ellen White quotations,” said Hope Channel promotional copy for the new show. “We’re delighted that our Messenger’s writings are still on the lips of the faithful but Adventists don’t do themselves any favors when they try to pass off lesser light as anything other than it is.”


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  1. Richee Rich

    Everything I know about Adventism, I learned by reading the SOP books, compilations, pamphlets, listening to SDA preachers, SDA blogs, Camp Meetings, GC sessions, 3ABN, HOPE TV, VOP, Floyd Detamore, Joe Crews, Doug Batchelor and of course, Barely Adventist!! etc.

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