GC makes “Wade in the Water” official Adventist theme song to end Sabbath swimming

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No tripping!
No tripping!
SILVER SPRING, Md. — In a controversial decision, Adventist leaders have chosen to retire frequent GC Session theme song and crowd favorite, “We Have This Hope,” and replace it with gospel spiritual, “Wade in the Water,” as the official theme song of the Adventist Church.

GC spokesperson Nona Dar explained the new theme song selection as “our biggest effort as a church to extinguish Sabbath swimming among our members.”

The formal selection of the theme song means that Adventist churches around the world will be required to sing it at least once per service.

“Where the necessary technology is available, we strongly encourage churches to show PowerPoint slides of happy people wading in water during the singing of our new theme song,” said Dar.

“Make sure that the water reaches no higher than the knee in any and all of the wading pictures.”

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  1. Does this injunction include my hot tub spa? How will it affect my kiddie swim pool? What about my church’s baptismal tank? Woe to them that are at ease in Zion. I am perplexed. What should I do? Will this affect my nature walk along Malibu Beach or Huntington Beach? Can I bring along my Little Debbies for a snack?

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