It Is Written: Cat Videos Are the Future of Evangelism

Hold onto your catnip, Adventist internet, because It Is Written is about to get lit… with the power of fluffy paws! In a bold move to revamp their outreach strategy, the ministry has unveiled their latest initiative: “The Purrfect Plan: Sharing the Gospel Through Feline Fun.”

Yes, you heard that right. We’re talking cat videos as the new frontier of spreading the good news.

The premise? Short, heartwarming clips showcasing adorable feline missionaries engaged in playful antics, all subtly woven with spiritual messages. Imagine a majestic Maine Coon batting at a ball of yarn, symbolizing the challenges we overcome with faith, or a playful kitten napping peacefully, representing the serenity found in God’s grace.

Why cats, you ask? According to It Is Written’s marketing team, “cats are the internet’s universal language. They transcend cultural barriers and hold the key to unlocking hearts, one purr at a time.”

Get ready to be bombarded with content like:
“Nine Lives for Christ: The Purrfect Sermon Series” featuring charismatic felines delivering inspirational (and hopefully meow-tivational) messages.

“Pawsitively It Is Written: Behind the Scenes” taking viewers on a heartwarming journey into the lives of these feline missionaries and their dedicated human companions.
“Confessions of a Catechism: Whispers of Wisdom from Whiskers” featuring animated cats sharing relatable struggles and the comfort found in faith.

Of course, the internet has its claws out, with reactions ranging from:

“Finally, evangelism I can get behind (or should I say, curl up in front of)!”

“This is purr-posterous! Where’s the theology in chasing laser pointers?”

“Maybe they should stick to creating dramatic portrayals of the Great Controversy…”

But It Is Written remains unfazed, confident that their “The Purrfect Plan” campaign will reel in a new generation of believers.

Will cat videos become the next big thing in spreading the gospel? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, the internet is about to get a whole lot cuter… and maybe a little bit more spiritual (or at least, that’s the plan).

What do you think, BarelyAdventists? Is this a hiss-terical success waiting to happen, or a cat-astrophe in the making? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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