Pope donates blood to Adventist Global Youth Day blood drive

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VATICAN — Pope Francis was reportedly so impressed with today’s Adventist Global Youth Day 2017 that he donated blood to an Italian Adventist blood bank.

While giving blood, the Pope said that he would encourage Catholic youth to also organize a global youth day where, like Adventist young people, they would donate blood.

“These Adventist kids are inspiring,” said Pope Francis, adding that some Italian young Adventists had given him a Great Controversy book while he visited the blood bank.

The Pope said that all world leaders should give blood today to honor the valiant efforts of Adventist young people to do something tangibly helpful for #GYD17.

“I challenge Donald Trump to show the world what kind of leader he is by giving blood in honor of #GYD17,” said the pope.

“Trump is good at Twitter so as soon as he hears about my challenge, I encourage him to tweet about #GYD17,” said the pontiff.

“I already uploaded my hashtagged blood donation picture to my Instagram account.”

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  1. sad sigh

    Leave Ted alone. He is real, not a jesuit in trumpet clothing like NPUC presidents who sold out WallaWalla SDA hospital to the Pope. Can’t wait to see how the Gleaner explains the new PopeSDA Hospital in Walla Walla. It is so nice of the pope to give blood there for all of us.

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