Property Brothers sell Elmshaven

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Hot property...
Hot property…
HGTV’s sybling duo the Property Brothers have successfully sold Elmshaven, the St. Helena-based home of Adventist co-founder Ellen White from 1900 to 1915.

The home, priced at $2.8 million was sold to an unnamed private Adventist collector who was a self-declared “super-fan” of Ellen White.

Jonathan and Drew Scott who specialize in helping home buyers to find and restore fixer-uppers were delighted to feature Elmshaven on their show.

“Of all the houses we have sold, we have never find a more inspiring place,” said the brothers in a statement. “No wonder Ellen White got so much writing done here.”

At first, the new owner strictly declined any changes to the historical home so as to keep the property in the exact state it was in when White lived there.

Under pressure by the show’s producers to make at least make one modification to the property, the new owner finally caved and added a wine cellar for his extensive Martinelli’s collection.

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  1. J. Alan Nash

    Do we have here a argument in favor of the veneration of relics? In this vein Adventists already go on record as active in venerating relics. An inventory would include portraits of E.G. White often incorrectly referred to as Mrs White. The courtesy titles, Mrs, Miss, Mr apply only to the living! This correspondent has seen pictures of EGW exhibited in church buildings. Moreover pertaining to these portraits of EGW there is evidence to sustain the harsh reality that they are routinely touched up to hide her actual freakish appearance. My guess is that It bore the features of those 19th century circus side-show, freakish-faced women such as the bearded lady.

  2. Barry Failbama

    Elmshaven will actually be the new “White House West.” Since Pres. Trump already has a “White House South” in Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach, he needed one in California also. This was a very appropriate location because it was already the “[Ellen] White House” for the past century.

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