Signs Someone Suffers From Remnant Complex


Someone suffering from Remnant Complex behaves/thinks in really distinctive ways. Here are a few:

They’ve Got it all Figured Out 

As in, they know the 28 fundamentals back to front and there is simply nothing else to learn. 

They Never Leave Their Adventist Bubble

They fear stepping out of their Adventist community. They are born at an Adventist hospital and buried in an Adventist graveyard and everything between is Adventist too, including their preferred supermarket and hairdresser.

They Have No Friends that Aren’t Adventist

In fact, their friends are likely to be third generation Adventist or more.

They Won’t Step Foot in Another Church

Because this would be a betrayal of their Remnant status. No sense mixing with Babylon in the church down the road – even if they have suggested a joint effort to feed the homeless.

They Can’t Learn From Other Christians

If it ain’t Adventist, someone suffering from Remnant Complex won’t listen. 

Everything Becomes Us vs Them

Image: The Emotion Machine

Remnant Complex means you are always on your guard. Everyone is sorted in to “Adventist” and “Non-Adventist” camps and pretty much anything you hear from the latter is suspect.

Ellen White Gets the Last Word

“Sister White said …” is the ultimate comeback for someone with Remnant Complex. Scripture takes a back seat when you can always throw in a cherry-picked zinger from Testimonies.



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