Silicon Valley Adventist churches ban cash from offerings

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SILICON VALLEY, Calif. — Ever on the forefront of innovation, Adventist churches in Silicon Valley are beta testing 100% cashless offerings as of next Sabbath.

Offering baskets will still be passed down pews but only so members can wave their contactless cards or Apple Pay-enabled phones at them. The tops of the baskets have been sealed so as to prevent anyone sneaking in any old-school bills.

The Northern Californian churches will insist that members keep phones switched on at all times in case they are moved by the Spirit to make impromptu online donations to the church during particularly good special numbers.

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  1. richeerich

    Don’t you know that a “cashless offering” has been in effect for decades in the SDA Church. I see it every week in my church. The plate just sails by a lot of members, visitors, kids etc. Nothing new under the sun! Maybe we should go titheless as well! Or is that a no/no?

  2. Larry

    Hey richeerich, I agree with you on the tithe. For 70 years I have heard my church teach that not paying tithe was the “unpardonable sin”. Maybe not in those exact words, but it was the only thing that God wouldn’t forgive if not paid in full when Jesus comes. The reason the offering plates are empty is because most church members can’t afford to pay more then 10%, and are terrified they won’t go to heaven if they pay some of the 10% to support the local church. Every year I become more convinced that the Adventist Church is a cult. I think that not understanding satire is proof.

  3. richeerich

    Larry-Must be a multitude of unpardonable sinners out there. It is estimated that 35-40% of SDA’s pay a faithful tithe. There are other Christian groups that encourage tithe besides SDA. They seem to be flourishing. Is God blessing them instead of the SDA’s? What happens if I overpay the tithe? Can I apply it to future payments? Woe iz me!!

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