Slide show: How to dance like an Adventist

16.) Cultural dancing

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Perhaps the biggest loophole in the "no dancing" rule. Apparently, dancing is all right as long as there are costumes from a foreign social group involved. (Photo by --Mark-- via flickr)

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  1. “Praise Him with a tambourine and dancing.” (Psalm 150:4) “Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with a tambourine . . . ” (Psalm 149:3) “Miriam the prophet . . . took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing.” (Exodus 15:20)

    1. Ray Kraft

      I think the “dancing” thing here gets misinterpreted sometimes . . . Miriam was tapping on a tambourine and walking, maybe with a little bit of a sway but not too much, at the same time . . . multiple motions (tapping fingers, bodily sway, walking feet) are “dancing” fer sure.

  2. Richard Mills

    You wanna see some dancin’. Just wait till the many divisions from Asia, Africa, etc. put on a display at the 2015 GC. WOW!! Don’t forget the old timey marches of years gone by. I love the “YMCA” movements. As for the Pathfinder “drilling”? It is a cultural thang! Even the Military shies away from that stuff. Anyway, I’m in-right, up-right, down-right, out-right happy all the time. Gimme that old time religion.Father Abraham Had Many Sons. I’m In The Lord’s Army. Foot stompin’, hand clappin’, toe tappin’. Whoop it up!! Woe is me!!

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