VIDEO: Adventist Dating Tips

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Adventist dating isn't awkward at all...
PUC students demonstrating that Adventist dating isn’t awkward at all…
Today the Pacific Union College Student Association Video Team brings you awkward hugs, awful (read: Adventist) dancing, watchful proposals and much more. Their hilarious Adventist Dating Tips vids should be obligatory viewing for every Adventist looking for love (or at least a hot date.) Thanks for sharing your videos PUC SA Video Team!

ADT – Hugging Etiquette from PUC SA on Vimeo.

ADT – Dancing from PUC SA on Vimeo.

ADT – Ring or Watch from PUC SA on Vimeo.

ADT – The Haystack from PUC SA on Vimeo.

ADT – Dating Outside Religion from PUC SA on Vimeo.

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    1. Kenny Z.

      I think it was Mark Twain who said: “I asked my doctor if I would live longer if I follow these SDA dating tips. He answered: ‘No, but it will seem longer!'”

  1. Eve Adams

    Gals, when on a date, be sure not to wander around by yourself. Stay close to your boyfriend. And don’t accept apples from a smooth-talking stranger–especially if he is in a tree.

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