Video: Union College couple’s dramatic breakup caught on film

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What’s worse than a college breakup? Video of your college breakup making the rounds on YouTube…


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    1. Abraham Washington

      I wonder who came up with the idea that college students are qualified to make critical decisions such as who to spend their life with. Anyone who knows anything about psychology, neuroscience, and human development, will admit that humans are not mature enough to make such decisions until their 30’s.

  1. richard mills

    Don’t youse guys know that LOVE conquers all? It’s probably more infatuation than anything else. These students should be pounding the books. Forget about the socializing and fraternizing with the opposite sex. Haystacks always win. Win, lose or draw. That kid looks like a dweeb, a nerd, a jerk, a washed up sophomore. Be part of the solution not the problem. Go take Psychology 101 again. Woe iz me!!

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