Walking Dead series canceled after producers hear Adventist State of the Dead sermon

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State of the Dead?
End times?
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Producers of the popular Walking Dead TV series have canceled the show after hearing a particularly convincing Adventist sermon on the state of the dead.

The producers claim that Adventist Biblical understanding about the dead being asleep has been enormously encouraging to them after so many years of having to dream up scenarios involving their core cast evading zombies.

“We’ve had a great run with this show and it is time to lay it to rest,” said show spokesperson Sigue Corriendo.

Writers are hard at work trying to find a way to gracefully sunset the series at the end of the season.

Corriendo says producers decided a few days ago to explore bringing in Adventist consultants to make sure that future plot developments were theologically accurate.

After reviewing the Adventist denomination’s track record with managing TV series, Walking Dead bosses were sure they had found the help they needed.

“All it took was hearing about how they dealt with The Record Keeper,” said Corriendo.

“These guys know how to kill off a good show!”

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  1. Ray Kraft

    In your dreams.

    There is actually quite a lot of evidence for the survival of the soul after the death of the body, for “life between lives,” and for reincarnation. See “Many Souls Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, MD, and “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton PhD, at Amazon and Barnes. Also, many early Christians and Hassidic Jews believed in soul survival and reincarnation.

  2. Ray Kraft


    See “RETURN TO LIFE:” (link) the compelling story of a boy who at the age of 2 began remembering how he lived and died as a fighter pilot during World War II, giving specific details, including names, that were ultimately confirmed by his very skeptical father and others, they found his wing man who had seen him shot down, who confirmed many of the details the boy had given . . . by the age of 4.

  3. Bah/Humbug-The dead know not anything. Hollywood does not believe in the Holy Bible. Including those so called SDA’s who are employed in the film industry. I attended an SDA church in LA recently. The parking lot was filled with high end, luxury cars. My rental looked like a piece of junk. What gives? The bottom line in Tinsel Town is money, money & more money and lotsa sex. Maybe Hollywood should rewrite the Bible as another translation. I would like that! Woe unto all you scribes & hypocrites in whited sepulchers. Gimme a break!

  4. Wayne

    Are you all serious? I read the following: “In the popular TV Series, The Walking Dead, Hershel is a professed believer in the Holy Bible.

    With the world apocalypsed by zombies, he said, ‘I can’t profess to understand God’s plan. Christ promised the resurrection of the dead. I just thought He had something a little different in mind.'” Then “The Walking Dead Truth” website proceeded to reveal the truth about death.

    After checking out the “The Walking Dead Truth” website, it makes me wonder if this news report is true. – http://www.TheWalkingDeadTruth.com

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