Walla Walla Engineering professor struggles with IKEA shelf assembly

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Frank Nova in his office today...
Frank Nova in his office today…
COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. — Frank Nova, a newly-tenured professor of Engineering at Walla Walla University, is reportedly at his wit’s end after 48 hours of grueling work on an IKEA bookshelf for his new office.

Nova has canceled his office hours so far this week, telling colleagues and students alike that he “really needs to focus on this critical project.”

Innocent passersby have reported muffled sounds from behind Nova’s locked door, including angry grunts and occasional crashing noises, accompanied by exasperated rhetorical questions, like “why is this happening??!”

Although numerous well-meaning individuals have offered to help the Engineering faculty member with his IKEA shelf, he has so far refused all assistance, citing partially Scandinavian heritage and assuring everyone during lunch breaks that he is “just about there.”

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  1. Richard Mills

    This ain’t rocket science, Prof. Get out the old slide rule and calculate. Yes, a book like “Counsels on Assembly” would be a great addition to my EGW library. I will always refer to it when my wife gives me those pesky projects. Woe is me!!

  2. Doug Logan

    He’s new. And apparently he hasn’t yet learned teamwork, otherwise he would have asked for help. He needs to sit in on Intro to Engineering and go through the teamwork exercises we assign to Freshmen. Perhaps teamwork wasn’t part of the Intro curriculum when he took it.

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