Weimar And La Sierra Start Student Exchange Program

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A whole new world
CALIFORNIA — Weimar Institute and La Sierra University have started a student exchange program aimed at “introducing Adventist young people to the polar extremes of denominational education.”

Exchange students will spend a year attending each other’s schools while learning a new Adventist culture, language and worldview.

“The Adventist World is increasingly diverse and one way of preserving unity in diversity is to promote mutual understanding and appreciation,” said a joint Weimar/La Sierra press release announcing the program.

Students have been warned to expect serious culture clash when first encountering local dishes, humor or complete lack of it.


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  1. Marcy

    Weimar students are well aware, La Sierra students would get a real shock and learn some real truth for a change. Any one La Sierra student that made it through the year and appreciated the program would never would never go back to La Sierra. If anyone had the slightest bit of conscience, only the La Sierra students would try the other school in the first place.

  2. Richard Mills

    If I were a betting person, Weimar is the winner. The sore losers will try the impeachment process and bring it to the 2020 GC session for a vote. Anyway, MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again in 2020 at the Indy GC.

  3. BuckyKat

    Can you imagine a more obnoxious, self-righteous, condescending, and humorless individual than someone who has done an exchange program with Weimar, then polished it off with an M-Div at Andrews and a stint at Loma Linda’s School of Health?

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