Southern freshman flying to school must pay for extra bags

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It all got pretty pricey...
It’s looking pretty pricey…
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Southern Adventist University freshman Demas Yado arrived at Sacramento International Airport today wondering if she had forgotten to pack anything for school.

The aspiring Nursing major arrived at the Delta counter two hours before her flight was scheduled to leave and excitedly told check-in staff that she was all set for her flight to Atlanta.

Yado added that she had come a little early “just to make sure I put address tags on the fun vintage bags I brought.”

Delta staff stared in disbelief at the mountain of luggage Yado and a whole procession of family members carted in.

Yado’s father struggled to maintain his balance as Delta staff notified him about the extra luggage fees his daughter would incur.

At press time, Yado and her father where locked in an intense discussion. Passersby witnessed hearing Yado’s father demanding that she choose between going to college or transporting her bags.

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  1. richard mills

    You gotta be prepared for any thing at college. Can’t be prepared. Look at Noah. He had a lot to load on the ark and very little help. I would have called WB Mason, who else? Woe iz me!

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