Disproportionately High Number Of Single Women Telling Good Looking Visiting Speaker How Blessed They Were By Sermon

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Following a sermon on Saturday by famously unmarried visiting speaker Bryan Reynolds at the Cougardale SDA Church, sources confirmed an unusually high number of single women approached the handsome guest speaker to tell him how blessed they were by his message.

“Oh Brother Reynolds, I was so blessed by your sermon today,” said Brittany, 37, eagerly nodding in affirmation while glancing down to make sure his ringless left hand was visible. “You really unpacked those Bible verses in such a thoughtful way.”

“Amen, that was absolutely feeding for my soul,” Michelle, 35, agreed as she clutched her well-worn Bible to her chest. “Your insights into the sanctuary truth gave me a fresh perspective.”

As more single women formed a circle around the eligible Reynolds, he shifted his weight uncomfortably. “Well, thanks sisters, I just hope the Holy Spi-”

“Your depth of study is so obvious,” Kaitlyn, 29, interrupted, “We’re blessed to have such a brilliant, godly mind visit our church.”

The throng of women enthusiastically nodded, showering the unmarried Reynolds with excessive praise about his impressive knowledge of the Scripture’s original languages despite his obvious youthful vigor.

At publishing time, Reynolds had been cornered by the entire group asking progressively more personal questions while their phone notes apps stood at the ready.


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