3ABN airs Home Alone

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Turned tables
Turned tables
WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. — Three Angels Broadcasting Network is showing Christmas classic Home Alone on Christmas Day this year.

The movie is about 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), who manages to defend his home from bandits after he is accidentally left at home for Christmas.

3ABN executives said they decided to air Home Alone because the most touching moment in the film occurs in a church where Kevin encourages Old Man Marley to reconcile with his son.

They did, however, express disappointment that the church scene had not been filmed in an Adventist sanctuary, especially as Andrews University-based Pioneer Memorial Church was within driving distance  of the Chicago filming location.

3ABN will be showing a version of the film that bleeps out even “vegetarian profanity” and fastforwards through all violence.

The network said that despite its failings, the movie features “really awesome booby traps and serves as a reminder never to leave your 8-year-old unattended with a blowtorch.”

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  1. richeerich

    What do we do in the scene of the machine gun firing? I get it! This is a modern day version parable of the thief(s) breaking & entering your house. Smart marketing strategy here!

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