Linguists categorize ‘Adventist’ as its own language

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Say what!?
Say what!?
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Linguistic Society of America has recognized ‘Adventist’ as a language unto itself. The organization says that the “astounding amount of jargon in the Adventist denomination often makes what members are talking about completely incomprehensible to the general public.”

The society has encouraged the General Conference to publish a dictionary translating Adventist terms to English.

“Innocent members of the public have no idea what you are talking about when you throw around terms like ‘The Message,’ ‘The Spirit of Prophecy,’ ‘Red Books,’ ‘Sam’s Chicken’ or ‘The Compliance Document,’ said LSA spokesperson Habla Ingles. “It’s as big a mystery as your average prophetic timeline chart: nobody can make any sense of it.”

Ingles warned that the Adventist language is growing at an unsustainable pace with insider terms and concepts being generated at a speed so fast that members themselves routinely need translation services to understand what their leaders are talking about.

He suggested slowing down the growth of Adventist by only allowing 28 new words to be added to the denominational lexicon per year.

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  1. richeerich

    I have a personal lexicon of over 200 SDA vocabulary words. I am pretty good at using them each Sabbath and at the SDA events. I even confuse visitors. Gonna use them in 2020 at the GC, Indy style. Bless Yore Little Harts. Eat Little Debbies. The recent satanic logo in now gone from the shelves.

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