3ABN to be nominated for Historical Drama Emmy

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Screenshot from 3ABN Live Today
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A leak from a source close to the 67th Emmy Award nominations process has revealed that an Adventist-related TV network will be nominated for the first time in history.

Although the Emmys typically honor specific television series, the leak stated that judges feel that because “just about everything 3ABN puts out is competitive” in the Historical Drama category, the network’s shows were being considered en masse.

“Although this by no means guarantees a win, nobody can deny the historical significance of the nomination,” said June Blewitt, media critic for Religion News Service. “Seventh-day Adventists have, so far, been almost completely innocent of production value in their television programming.”

Despite the buzz, executives at 3ABN itself are unsure of what to make of the news. “It sounds great until you realize that we aren’t going for historical fiction,” said Patty Germaine, Executive Director of 3ABN Today Live. “We aren’t making a special effort to mimic a past era, this is just how our sets look and how our guests dress.”

Germaine said that, for now, 3ABN is not planning to lodge a complaint with the Emmy judge panel. “For starters, we haven’t formally been nominated yet,” said Germaine. “And if we actually are nominated we may just play along and have our people accept the Emmy in costume.”

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  1. Edward

    We are not laughingat ourselves…we are laughing them (individuals). Plus, why would we laugh if it’s not even funny? I mean, I know its satire…I am familiar with this website; yet and still what part of this article is funny? And when the people who are being likes fun of read it… How could they not feel discouraged?

  2. Ray Kraft

    If they didn’t want us to laugh at them, why would they dress the way they do?

    Didn’t somebody say that laughter is the best medicine?


    So if they make us laugh, they’re bein’ doctors, sort of, yes?

    And isn’t God the greatest jokester in the universe?

    Just look at all the strangely creatures He created! Especially some of those living in the deepest depths of the oceans, very bizarre indeed. And dinosaurs! What could be stranger?

  3. Where’s the punchline? OK, I don’t agree with the 3ABN decorator’s taste in set design, and some of the women’s dresses are a little longer than you will see on the sexy anchors on Fox News, but I don’t see anything that qualifies as looking like the 1920’s or even the 50’s. This caricature is a little too unrealistic to seem comical to me.

  4. Jared

    It’s funny that they (the outsiders–non-adventists) would view our oddly old-timey appearance and would draw the conclusion that we are playing a part… nobody is being made fun of.

    If you don’t see the humor, then post an offended rant, you come off as an angry person who has no sense of humor. Better to shake your head and keep scrolling. If it REALLY bothers you, unfollow/block.

  5. Richard Mills

    Watch for huge interviews in the next “People” magazine. Glossy photos. Fashion statements. 3ABN endorsements from Fortune 500 companies. Maybe a hand print on the sidewalk in Hollywood. The list is endless. Congratulations to 3ABN & staff. Woe is me!!

  6. Diane

    i don’t even believe it is only about their style of dress, but also that they subscribe to super conservative “historical” Adventism.in general. Either way, it’s funny..lighten up!

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