ABC Stores Dedicate Shelf Space To COVID Conspiracy Theories

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ADVENTIST WORLD —- ABC stores are cashing in on the dramatic surge in conspiracy theory dissemination lately by dedicating shelf space to the stickiest ideas.

COVID has allowed some of the more imaginative minds of the denomination to come up with a whole new level of drama and intrigue about the origins of the pandemic and the shadowy forces behind everything from the new vaccines to face masks.

The scariest of these theories are being bundled into a series of hardback volumes called “The Midnight Scream.”

ABC stores are hoping sales in the new genre will help offset the sluggish sales of dusty King’s Heralds records (now on CD.)



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  1. Richard Mills

    Will the ABC’s start selling Walter Veith materials, Firm Foundation papers, Landmarks, Jan Marcussen newsletters, Pilgrim’s Rest and other SDA independent stuff? If so, I be at my local ABC early AM tomorrow. Glory Be!! Otherwise, I will buy direct.

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