Adventist Book Centers offer “spirits” to boost holiday sales

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One-stop shop.
One-stop shop.
USA — In a creative effort to boost holiday sales, Adventist Book Centers across the United States have begun to offer “spirits.”

When asked by alarmed Adventists to clarify what the Adventist literature and health food stores meant by “spirits,” ABC public relations staffers invited people to come see for themselves.

Debby Grande, a marketing professor at Southern Adventist University, said that the word “spirits” used in the new ABC branding was deliberately ambiguous.

“It’s unclear what exactly they have added to their customary product range,” said Grande, who confessed that she was curious enough to pay a visit herself.

“From the sound of things, they have either rethought their position on the State of the Dead or they have cleared out the Bacchiocchi section to make space for more than just Martinelli’s.”

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