Doug Batchelor wins Spectrum Magazine’s Adventist of the Year award

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Adventism's favorite caveman.
Adventism’s favorite caveman.
ROSEVILLE, CALIF. — In a surprise win that has left the editors of Spectrum Magazine completely dumbfounded, conservative Adventist evangelist and Amazing Facts presenter Doug Batchelor won the publication’s Adventist of the Year award.

Batchelor won the event by a virtual landslide, winning 1,381 out of a total of 2,363 votes submitted online. The remaining 977 votes were cast for other well-known Adventists ranging from World War II hero Desmond Doss to former neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

“You gotta give the man some credit, he sure knows how to win the numbers game,” said Spectrum’s prophetic doctrine advisor Desmond Ford, who oversaw submissions for the Adventist of the Year vote.

“We have no idea how Doug won this as he wasn’t even on our list of nominees.”

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  1. calle

    I have tried to find the humor here, but it all appears to be a farce of bored people.

    I went and read the “person of the year” comments.
    As a person who has met Ben Carson many times, and worked on his behalf, I am so mad at the female who put him down.
    He is the most Godly man I have ever met who is in the public eye. As well as a MD who is a surgeon. Man can doc’s ever be arrogant.
    And she must believe the MSM who lie all the time.
    She must never have had teenage sons or been around men in a locker room or the YMCA’s woman’s locker room. I stopped taking my young children in the 90’s as the woman talked so filthy.
    And SDA youth are no different.

    This nation will be blessed with Ben in the position of HUD.
    I am not a fan of Doug’s but my dear father was.
    Too take a worldly view and have to honor someone like this must be a joke. All like Hollywood or Newsweek.
    I for one finally have some hope, and feel like God answered many prayers.
    Does anyone here rememeber Saul, or maybe David? Or Moses?
    Well as far as I know we have all sinned, and to the woman who hates Trump, look at your own heart. I am not ready to point fingers.
    We can hate the sin, but we best not hate the sinner, cause we are all in that Mud puddle.
    This is why I removed all of our families memberships.

    I am tired of being treated like dog poop in the church. The Sunday churches have treated us better. No we do not attend any of them, but all of my friends are Sunday worshipers.
    The devil works so hard, so why did no one Nominate God?

    1. Kay Rosburg

      I am constantly amazed at the people here who don’t understand the concept of satire…..sigh!! And, why do these same people have so much time on their hands that they can formulate a lengthy diatribe to try and “educate” those us who find this site HILARIOUS??

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