Adventist Competitive Sports

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We Adventists have historically frowned on competitive sports. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have contests we want to win. Here are a few:

Adventurer/Pathfinder Bible Experience
Image: Mid-America Union Club Ministry Website
These Adventurers and Pathfinders know their assigned Bible passages better than anybody else in church. They want to ace the questions so their team can better it’s chances of going somewhere exotic for the finals.

Bible Bowl

A similar idea: competitions testing Bible knowledge at all age levels. Bible knowledge = humble brag rights.

Image: Facebook / Oasis Seventh-day Adventist Church
We all want people to fight over our dish. And when they do, it’s best to claim you threw it together last minute.

Sabbath Flower Arrangements
Facebook / Manila Center Seventh-day Adventist Church
One-upping last Sabbath’s flower arrangement is a favorite Adventist pastime… even when the non-work of your bouquet creation keeps you up half the night before.

flag Football

OK, so we may not be good with tackling people but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to dominate the competition in flag football from Adventist elementary school through college.

Cutest Date
Image: Life Action
Cute eligible singles are in short supply at church. Snapping them up is THE competitive sport.

Best Children’s Story
Image: Facebook / Prescott Seventh-day Adventist Church
You’ve GOT to nail this. Nobody wants kids getting bored in their story. Do whatever it takes. And keep it short.



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