Adventist Pastor Olympics Coming Soon

In a stunning announcement today, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) revealed that it will be introducing a new event at the next Summer Olympics: the Adventist Pastor Olympics. The Read more […]

Top 7 Adventist Addictions

We Adventists love few things more than fighting addiction. We want everyone to quit smoking, drinking and (depending on how strict we are) coffee. But here are a few things we ourselves are hooked Read more […]

Does Volunteering Count If You Haven’t Posted About It On Social Media?

We gotta know: Is volunteering worth the time unless you can let the whole world know what you are doing with an action shot of you saving the manatees/serving soup/tutoring with a #simplyservice?  Without Read more […]

Tokyo Olympics to Feature Heroes 2 As New Sport

TOKYO, Japan – To strengthen the appeal of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, organizers have added the first e-sport of the games. The new event will feature biblical experts from around the world Read more […]

French Adventists boast “Total Member Involvement” in watching World Cup Final

FRANCE — Leaders of the Adventist Church in France have confirmed that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was total member involvement among Adventists in the country watching the World Cup Read more […]

English Adventists wear sackloth and ashes after World Cup ouster

ENGLAND — Adventists across England have donned sackcloth and ashes after a devastating World Cup defeat by Croatia. Church members that had secretly been praying that England would feature Read more […]