French Adventists boast “Total Member Involvement” in watching World Cup Final

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Allez les Bleus
Allez les Bleus
FRANCE — Leaders of the Adventist Church in France have confirmed that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was total member involvement among Adventists in the country watching the World Cup final this Sunday.

“Young and old, male and female, conservative and liberal – absolutely every French Adventist dropped everything to watch their football team win the World Cup,” said a statement from church administrators.

Church leaders added that there was “100% unity in mission, faith and purpose” as the Adventist faithful huddled in front of screens to watch their team snatch football’s highest honor from a Croatian opposition which, for the first hour or so of play, appeared the better side.

 “French Adventists rejoice that this game was scheduled for a Sunday and not a Sabbath,” said the statement, “we wouldn’t have had the resources to keep rogue members from watching the game had it been scheduled a day earlier.”

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  1. richeerich

    My sources in France tell me that a Pathfinder Honor patch is in the making for all SDA Pathfinder in that Division. The FIFA logo will be a part of the patch. Sign me up!

  2. richeerich

    Is it possible to get this FIFA soccer team at the Pathfinder Camporee? Instead of 40,000 Pathfinders, it could number close to 100,000. Think of the great PR here. All the marketing possibilities. Stupendous! Put the team pix on the Little Debbies, please! I want 1% of all sales. How do I tithe 1%?

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