Adventist schools forbidden from keeping score in sports

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Not a crowd pleaser...
Not a crowd pleaser…
ADVENTIST WORLD — Effective immediately, Adventist elementary schools, academies and universities have been ordered to stop keeping score during any kind of sport.

The new rule is designed to crack down on competition between students. Whenever a team or individual “scores,” clapping or cheering is no longer allowed and no score will be recorded.

In the case of intramurals, fans will be allowed to say a loud “Amen” whenever their team does something particularly admirable providing they make no effort to tally the “Amens.”

In a statement about the new scoreless approach, General Conference leaders said that it would herald a new era of Adventist athletics in which “sport is indulged purely for its physical exercise value.

Questions from members about whether the same scoreless approach would apply to nominating committee work and General Conference session votes, have yet to be answered.

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One comment

  1. richeerich

    Scoring points will sometimes lower a person’s self esteem. self respect & self confidence as well as being judgmental. I’m all for no more points. Let’s just get out there and have a good time beating each other up! Note to Pastors–stop keeping score on how many baptisms you performed each quarter or yearly. It’s OK to keep score on how many backsliders you get to come back to church. Somebody shout AMEN! I heard a few!!

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