Spirit-led Adventist late to church after taking wrong exit

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INLAND EMPIRE, Calif. — A devout Adventist well known for claiming to be “100% Spirit-led” sheepishly sank into a back pew last Sabbath after getting hopelessly lost on the way to church.

Dubbel Porsyon spent what was left of the service shaking his head in disbelief over the cataclysmic results of having taken the wrong exit.

As he replayed every subsequent wrong turn Porsyon grew so agitated that the day’s sermon on humility was completely lost on him.

How something this unfortunate could happen to someone as directed as himself was simply beyond Porsyon’s understanding.

Unable to handle his frustration any longer, Porsyon shared his morning experience with those at his potluck table after the service.

He immediately regretted doing so after being forced to admit that he didn’t believe in GPS.

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One comment

  1. richeerich

    Did GPS mean God’s Prayer Service? This guy was on the WRONG highway. He was supposed to be on the Highway to Happiness. Or he just finished watching the TV show, Highways to Heaven & the angelic players. Yo,Bro-get on that straight & narrow ASAP.

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