Problems With Adventist Journalism

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Official Adventist media (magazines, websites, shows, etc) suffers from some serious problems. Here’s a list:

It’s censored

There are some things (like critiquing your conference president) that you as the lowly conference magazine editor can never do. This goes for all levels of church admin.

It is “PR journalism”

Most of the stories you read in Adventist magazines are good news or promotional in nature. It’s great to hear good news but if this comes at the cost of the whole truth, that’s a problem. Scandals often get swept under the rug.

It is triumphalist

We are good at making ourselves look good in print. As in, “we’ve got the truth and look at all this awesome stuff we are doing.” Nobody else likes you when you talk like that.

It doesn’t give the other side of the story

We get that everyone has an agenda, including Adventist media. But surely you should be able to talk about both sides of an issue. NOPE. Not in denominational media.

It doesn’t allow discussion

Piggybacking on our last point, Adventist media doesn’t allow for open discussion. When’s the last time you heard a panelist on a denominational radio or TV show express something the GC would not like? 

Adventist journalists are scared

Fear lies at the heart of a lot of this. If you want to keep your job you’ve got to toe the line.

It doesn’t dig deep enough

We are in dire need of more info on why so many of our schools are in such trouble. We would love to find out how the money we give to the church is really spent. Who REALLY understands the inner workings of nomination committees and how leaders get elected? All of these topics and more could use a journalistic deep dive so that we, as members, are informed. We aren’t getting it from regular denominational media.



You’ve had your fix of satire. Now head over to Adventist Today for current events updates, analysis and opinion on all things Adventist.


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