Signs You Are on a Mission Trip Gone Wrong

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Mission trips are a hotly-anticipated adventure for many Adventists. Of course, they can also have their challenges that put a damper on things. Challenges like:

A typhoon lands the moment you arrive in the host country for a church construction project/Medical mission
Take shelter! Not a single brick will be laid in this weather and your dental clinic tent has collapsed.

Everyone starts throwing up
You might also get the runs.

You hate everyone 
Three days in and your fellow missionaries are getting on your last nerve. You pray for deliverance from these clowns.

Your host country goes into COVID lockdown
No flights out. And you’re supposed to be back at work by Monday.

A theological fight breaks out
You’ve got some very opinionated types laying the church foundation. And the tooth extraction crew feels called to set them straight. Pandemonium ensues.

The local church asks you to preach 30 mins before church is supposed to start
You’ve never preached a sermon in your life.

The church/school you are supposed to build is only halfway done by the final day
Turns out nobody on your crew should be quitting their day job.



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