Nobody Wants to Hear Returning Missionary’s Stories

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Caleb Westerfielderson had spent the last two years serving as a missionary in a remote village in Papua New Guinea. Armed with his well-highlighted Bible, a suitcase full Read more […]

Family Excited to Be Missionaries Wherever Jesus Leads — as Long as it’s in Hawaii

Forget mud huts and malaria, the Johnson family has a new definition of missionary work: “paradise with a purpose.” This sun-kissed clan is swapping Bibles for beach towels in their quest to spread Read more […]

Signs You Are an Adventist Missionary Kid

Adventist missionary kids are a breed of their own. They can be confusing to their friends that didn’t grow up the same way. Here are some of the signs you grew up as an MK: 1. Rootless Wanderer: Read more […]

Short-term Missionaries Recalled To Repair Shoddy Workmanship

It’s not quite been two weeks since the team from Pop-Up Church Vacation Ministries hustled through a half-baked church construction project in the Dominican town of La Paciencia, before rushing Read more […]

Student Missionary Sick of Being Mistaken for a Mormon

Baguio, Philippines — Sarah Henderson, a devout Adventist, has found herself facing an identity mix-up ever since she arrived for her student missionary year in the Philippines. “I can’t Read more […]

Signs You Are on a Mission Trip Gone Wrong

Mission trips are a hotly-anticipated adventure for many Adventists. Of course, they can also have their challenges that put a damper on things. Challenges like: A typhoon lands the moment you Read more […]

Bernie Sanders Proposes Student Missionary Pay For All Americans

AMERICA — Leading Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders made headlines today by pushing for Adventist student missionary pay for all Americans. Claiming that the new universal Read more […]

Epcot Center Visits Now Count As Overseas Mission

SILVER SPRING, Md. — GC Missions strategists have confirmed that visits to Orlando’s Epcot Center satisfy all the requirements for overseas mission as the place has a “super international feel Read more […]