15 Reasons to be Adventist

As much as it can be good to have a healthy sense of humor about your faith and avoid taking yourself too seriously, it’s also helpful to think carefully about why you’re an Adventist. Here Read more […]

Georgia-Cumberland Academy Accepting Tuition Payments In Dogecoin

CALHOUN, Ga. – Georgia-Cumberland Academy announced today that it had started accepting tuition payments in the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.  “We’ve always been future-minded,” opened Read more […]

NEWSTART Enthusiast To Start New Life (After Holidays)

ADVENTIST WORLD — Rez Allusion, a middle-aged Pathfinder club director who packed on a few too many over Thanksgiving, has vowed to start faithfully abiding by NEWSTART health principles as Read more […]

Adventist dad forgets all about Desmond Doss when daughter finds boyfriend

MARIETTA, Ga. — Chuck Packen, a lifelong Adventist and proud father of 17-year-old daughter Carrie, has already completely forgotten the Desmond T. Doss talking points that he had ready for Read more […]

Bird trumps Magic’s $550K Oakwood donation with $650K for Indiana Academy

WEST BADEN SPRINGS, Ind. — In a sign that the decades-long rivalry between two basketball greats is far from over, former Celtics star Larry Bird has bested a donation that Earvin “Magic” Read more […]

Shenandoah Valley boys’ dorm to move to make room for Holy Spirit

NEW MARKET, Va. — Shenandoah Valley Academy has unveiled a major change to its campus map: Phanstiel Hall, the boys’ dorm, is relocating. Administration announced to students, parents and Read more […]

American Adventists sacrifice one Taco Bell meal, save Mount Vernon Academy

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — “I’ve never put my faith to the test in a bigger way,” said Dave “Big Burrito” Burman. Wiping away a tear he recalled the Taco Bell grilled 7-layer burrito, cheesy nachos, Read more […]

Wisconsin Academy boys’ dorm fasts from showers

COLUMBUS, Wis. — Wisconsin Academy Chaplain, Barry Rogers freely admits that his biggest mistake so far this year was a Tuesday morning chapel challenge to the school’s students last week Read more […]

MTV’s ‘The Real World’ announces Great Lakes Adventist Academy as next season’s location

VAN NUYS, Calif. — In a radical departure from its usual urban locations, MTV’s The Real World reality show has chosen to shoot its 31st season at Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Cedar Read more […]