15 Reasons to be Adventist

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As much as it can be good to have a healthy sense of humor about your faith and avoid taking yourself too seriously, it’s also helpful to think carefully about why you’re an Adventist. Here are some reasons that come to mind (in no particular order):


This is the perk that has BarelyAdventist team members going to church even in foreign countries where they don’t know a word of the local language. Chances are that once the final hymn is sung, the potluck is going to be amazing.

Focus on Jesus

OK, so there are always going to be legalists out there toting around an endless list of ToDos to get into heaven but a true Adventist knows that Jesus is the only way. PERIOD. And that’s a good thing to keep in mind no matter how choppy the waters get.

“Happy Sabbath!”

That greeting cheers people up around the world every week. It sums up the Sabbath experience in a way full-length sermons struggle to match. Just make sure you’ve popped a breath mint before you say it. And enjoy the Day of Rest!!

Ever since you had to recite 13 memory verses by heart, you’ve grown up with a faith that genuinely cares about following the Bible.

This is a big deal. The Adventist Church has always been highly concerned with really studying the Bible. That doesn’t mean we know everything or have crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” – it means we are serious about being on the hunt for Truth.

Lifestyle benefits

Every Adventist LOVES talking about the blue zones and how Adventists in Loma Linda live longer than most people. And yeah – there’s a plus to eating heathily and not drinking away your weekend. But just being an Adventist doesn’t really mean anything unless you can limit your Little Debbie consumption. And yes, those tasty snacks are Adventist too:)

Second Coming

Nobody can thrive without hope. And there’s no hope better than the Second Coming. An end to pain and tears. A new beginning. It’s worth keeping the hope alive. And spreading it.

Instant Global Community

We’ve already talked about potluck around the world but the benefits of having instant, warm community almost anywhere you go CAN’T be overstated. You can step off a plane in pretty much any country and find a church on Sabbath morning where people will make you feel at home and maybe even offer you a tour of the local sights. Awesome perk.

Ellen White

Seen in the right light, Ellen White is incredible. Yes, there have been people that have twisted her words (or cherry picked them) to fit their agenda. But what she truly was – a practical, common sense messenger from God – should never be forgotten. Most of all, her writings point us back to the Bible and that is a great thing. 


We LOVE Adventist humor. At BarelyAdventist, it’s out bread and butter. When you are part of a downright quirky culture like Adventism, there’s always going to be stuff to laugh about. Thank God for that.

Heritage Singers

No, things won’t be the same without Max but these guys left an amazing legacy. May it live long on our playlists.


Memories of the multi-grade Adventist classrooom you grew up in always stay with you. So do the awkward banquets and vespers dates. It wasn’t perfect but Adventist education is worth supporting for future generations.


Yes, some were awful. But even the bad ones can be fun during practice. Plus, if there was someone cute to share your music sheets with it was highly worth it.


Faith doesn’t mean anything if it stays behind church doors. ADRA gets out there and helps in a real way. AND, they have a gift catalogue that includes goats.


Winter camping is rough but Pathfinders continues to be amazing. Survival skills, s’mores, campfire songs and the cat honor. Throw in camporee with people from all over the world and you can justify all the money you spent buying pins for your sash.

Door-to-door Ingathering

Just kidding. Nowadays you can just send around a digital can.



You’ve had your fix of satire. Now head over to Adventist Today for current events updates, analysis and opinion on all things Adventist.


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