7 Adventist Potluck Dishes Ranked According to Awesomeness

Sabbath is coming and you BETTER bring something good to potluck. Here is the definitive ranking of your options:

1) Haystacks 

No self-respecting Adventist congregation can go for too long without serving haystacks. They are simple, crunchy deliciousness. Especially if you use Fritos.

2) Special K Loaf

We’re not just putting Special K Loaf on this list because you would have to use a Kellogg’s product and the Kelloggs were Adventist. Our love for this warmly satisfying dish goes much deeper. It’s Adventist comfort food at its best and it will taste good no matter how bad special music was earlier.

3) Eggplant Lasagna

Ahhh… how could you say no to all that cheesy goodness. Plus, it’s got a vegetable so it’s basically a superfood😜

4) PanciT

If you’ve got Filipinos at your church you’ve for sure had this at potluck. Noodles done right!!!

5) Potato Casserole

It’s hard (yet not impossible) to mess this one up. Creamy, filling and easily paired with just about anything.

6) Tofu Creation

No Adventist potluck is complete without someone bringing a tofu dish. BarelyAdventist is partial to just about any Southeast Asian tofu delicacy. Just make sure you fry it up nice and crispy and don’t skimp on the seasoning.

7) Veggie Dogs 

Regardless of your brand of choice, these unassuming lengths of processed protein can save the day if you have no time to prep for potluck. Just heat them up and serve.



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