9 Kinds of Adventist Bachelor

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You’re on the lookout for a suitable Adventist man. It helps to know your options. Here are a few that tend to bubble up:

Unmarried 40-something

These tend to be single for a reason, not a season. Proceed with caution. Ask around to find out why this guy is single and only agree to group dates at first.

Youth pastor

These guys can be popular. News of him dating ANYONE in church will spread like wildfire so make sure you vet him thoroughly first by attending the frisbee golf hangouts he organizes.


Everyone is into these guys for all the wrong reasons. Be careful. Doctors don’t make what they used to.

Parents’ basement dweller


Cat lover

Will he love his cat more than you? Probably. Sit one table away from him at potluck before you signal any interest.

Prophetic chart maker

Make sure he isn’t a date-setter before you going on any ACTUAL dates with this one.

Vegetarian gym rat

Exactly HOW much time does this guy spend in the gym? Fitness is nice but brains matter too.


This guy is under pressure to get married before he gets his first church. Don’t immediately write him off for this reason but do think through the whole future pastor’s wife thing.

Proof texteR
It’s great that he knows his Bible but you don’t want a biblical know-it-all. Check if he’s open to anyone else’s viewpoint before agreeing to any vespers dates with this type.



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