Signs You Went to Andrews

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You know you went to Andrews University when…

You think nothing of walking through a blizzard to get to dinner

Nobody will defend southwest Michigan’s weather. It’s pretty intense most of the year. So layer up and enjoy it!

You love Dwight Nelson

Net ’98 may be a quarter century ago but Dwight Nelson has still got it. And we don’t think his retirement will slow him down much.


Drive ANYWHERE from Andrews and you are likely to see wildlife – often deer. Swerving out of the way to avoid calamity is an all-too-frequent occurrence. 

You are used to driving hours to get to a half-dEcent city

Chicago is a good two hours away and Detroit is like three. So big city life sampling is at least a whole-day affair. 

You think South Bend is cool

Luckily you don’t need to drive to Chicago to get to a decent bookstore, restaurant or mall. South Bend, Indiana is close enough. Whether anyone else thinks it’s cool is debatable.

You light up at the mention of Sam’s Chicken

Nothing like Sam’s Chicken days!! Seriously better than the real thing.

You have friends from 100 countries

Andrews is a miniature United Nations. Students come from a hundred countries and once you’ve been to Andrews you have friends (and sofas to crash on) around the world. Plus potluck is AMAZING.

You are really into sand dunes

Lake Michigan is the coolest thing close to Andrews. And those sand dunes make up for the freezing water.



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