15 Reasons to be Adventist

As much as it can be good to have a healthy sense of humor about your faith and avoid taking yourself too seriously, it’s also helpful to think carefully about why you’re an Adventist. Here Read more […]

COVID: Pastor Fired for Promoting “Contagious Faith”

COLD SNAP, Mich. — Pastor Des Tibbitts of Cold Snap SDA is out of a job after preaching a sermon on “Contagious Faith” to a dumbfounded congregation last Sabbath. Eyewitnesses from last Read more […]

Union College recruiting students with mustard seed faith in bid to get mountains on prairie

LINCOLN, Neb.— Union College is hard at work recruiting students with the faith of a mustard seed. The Adventist school is offering full-ride scholarships to qualifying students in the hope that Read more […]