Ladida SDA Church Replaces “Happy Sabbath” with “Namaste” Greeting

Ladida, Maine – In a move that has sent ripples of controversy through the Ladida Seventh-day Adventist Church, the church board has decided to update the congregation’s Sabbath greetings by substituting Read more […]

“Will Ted Wilson be GC President until the Second Coming?” and Other Kosher Sabbath Lunch Conversation Topics

Been invited to Sabbath lunch but don’t know what’s kosher to talk about? Here’s a carefully vetted list of Sabbath-appropriate conversation topics: The merits of door-to-door evangelism: Read more […]

Pastor Suing British Union Conference for Making Him Work on Sabbath

WATFORD, Herts. — A stressed out, nearly-ordained pastor has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The Adventist minister claims Read more […]

Song Service Leader On His 4th “Happy Sabbath Church!” Clearly Just Killing Time

Leafy Glen, Tenn. – His first overly-chipper “Happy Sabbath Church!” helped snap members out of their late morning slumber at the start of divine service last weekend. The (predictable) repeat Read more […]

Big Pharma Races To Release Anti-Anxiety Benefits Of Sabbath In Pill Form

WORLD — Pharmaceutical giants are sprinting to be the first to produce a Sabbath pill. Research labs are working around the clock to create medication allowing those that take it a feeling Read more […]

Adventists Resolve To Make It To Church On Time At Some Point In 2020

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Friends and relatives of the Hopplös family have been roped into holding them accountable to their New Year’s resolution of making it to time on church once in 2020. Read more […]

Report: Most Adventists convinced Friday sunset creeps up on them

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — In a study of Adventist worldwide, the majority of respondents expressed a fervent belief that Friday sunsets crept up on them each week. La Sierra University-based, H.M.S. Read more […]

‘The Lion King’ approved as Sabbath movie “because it has animals”

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Disney’s The Lion King has been approved by the Adventist Church as an approved “Sabbath movie.” This means that Adventists will be free to watch the animated classic Read more […]

Adventist prays for sun to stand still so she can finish her Friday chores

LONDON, England — An Adventist woman paused in prayer this afternoon, pleading for the sun to stand still so she could finish her long list of chores before sunset. Franically listing the Read more […]