Big Pharma Races To Release Anti-Anxiety Benefits Of Sabbath In Pill Form

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WORLD — Pharmaceutical giants are sprinting to be the first to produce a Sabbath pill.

Research labs are working around the clock to create medication allowing those that take it a feeling of complete release from the worries of work for a full 24 hours.

The pill, when ready, will be available for free as it meets a universal need for physical rest as well as social and spiritual rejuvenation.

While a release date for the anti-anxiety pill has not yet been announced by any drug maker, researchers claim there’s an old school substitute that can be enjoyed for 24 hours starting Friday sunset.

It apparently works best paired with frantic housecleaning Friday afternoon.


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  1. Richard Mills

    The best medicine for a Sabbath rest is a big plate of haystacks or a dish of special k-loaf& gravy, mashed potatoes, peas&carrots, Yale beets, salad and a big dessert of pie&ice cream washed down with ice cold apple juice or Martinetti’s CO2 filled juices. YUMMY YUMMY good for your tummy. Then off to the sofa until sundown. In the summertime, I take to the hammock in my back yard. Lousy pot-lucks will also do the trick. I ought to know!!

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