Annual Council To Vote By Mail-In Ballots

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Due to COVID-19 restrictions on air travel, Annual Council will be held virtually in October.

Although Zoom has worked for General Conference committees and group presentations, there has been widespread consternation about holding electronic votes at Annual Council via Zoom.

Previous botched attempts at electronic voting have convinced GC leadership the only way to properly vote is via yellow cards.

For that reason, the GC has mailed out thousands of custom-designed yellow cards to Annual Council delegates all over the world.

Votes on candidates for positions that urgently need filling will take place via mail-in ballot.

Delegates have been warned not to use the cards for anything else as policy decisions and everything else will also be voted with the cards, each of which should be mailed back separately.

Although some have raised the prospect of voter fraud, the GC has brushed such concerns aside, saying in a press release that “though newfangled technology has let us down in the past, yellow cards have worked as long as we can remember.”

The results of votes on candidates and everything else will be announced after all the cards have arrived back in Silver Spring.

Delegates have been asked to be patient as this could take months.


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  1. Richard Mills

    My Post Office is not delivering my ballot. What the story here? Wait. there is one here for my deceased wife. Just came in ther mail seconds ago. I’m gonna fill it out and see what happens. MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again! Woe iz me!!

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