Why Sabbath is Awesome

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Sabbath is coming and here are a few reasons that is awesome😀


We actually get to take a divinely-inspired breather from everything. ESSENTIAL for mental health.

Mental Space

While we are on mental health it’s worth pointing out that hopping off the hamster wheel for 24 hours gives us badly needed perspective on what we prioritize.

How Ya Doin’?

It’s easy to discount the value of checking up on people. Sabbath is the ideal time to show we care. And let’s not be too proud to receive some help if we ourselves are going through the wringer.


The key relationship we are prioritizing on Sabbath is the one we have with our Creator. It isn’t being preachy to remember or stress this point. The ultimate way to recharge is to give EVERYTHING to Jesus.


OK, so this wouldn’t be BarelyAdventist unless we got to rave about food. There is something amazing about breaking bread (or stuffing your face) with your (spiritual) family.


There’s something about Sabbath that lends itself to laughter. It’s a chance to unwind and see the lighter side of things. Take it.

Helping Hand

Helping others out on Sabbath might sound like yet another TO DO but the boost both sides get from random (or planned) acts of kindness is part of the blessing of the Sabbath.


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