Ladida SDA Church Replaces “Happy Sabbath” with “Namaste” Greeting

Ladida, Maine – In a move that has sent ripples of controversy through the Ladida Seventh-day Adventist Church, the church board has decided to update the congregation’s Sabbath greetings by substituting Read more […]

Pastor Suing British Union Conference for Making Him Work on Sabbath

WATFORD, Herts. — A stressed out, nearly-ordained pastor has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The Adventist minister claims Read more […]

Is paying for something OK on Sabbath if you call it a donation? Adventists speak up.

  Is paying for something OK on Sabbath if you call it a donation? Some Adventists speak up: Spencer Spendthrift, ABC Store Personal Shopper “It all depends. If a legit Adventist Read more […]

Adventists seek reasons to justify watching Bruce Jenner interview on Friday night

HINSDALE, Ill. —- Curiosity and anticipation ran high in the weeks preceding Diane Sawyer’s interview with former Olympian Bruce Jenner for millions of Americans, even Adventists. Although Read more […]

Slide Show: 15 things Adventists say, decoded

Ever wonder about the meaning of those strange phrases and words Adventists let fly with the greatest of ease? Wonder no more! Read on to find out what your Adventist friends are really trying to tell you.

New i-Wade device takes the guesswork out of Sabbath water activity dilemmas

image courtesy of – click image for link WEIMAR, Calif. — A ground-breaking technological development is taking Adventist communities around the world by storm. Adventist Read more […]