Ladida SDA Church Replaces “Happy Sabbath” with “Namaste” Greeting

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Ladida, Maine – In a move that has sent ripples of controversy through the Ladida Seventh-day Adventist Church, the church board has decided to update the congregation’s Sabbath greetings by substituting the age-old “Happy Sabbath” with the trendy and exotic “Namaste.”

The decision, which has raised both eyebrows and curiosity within the church community, is seen as an attempt to infuse a dash of cultural flair into Sabbath services.

Sister Sunshine Radiance, spirited church spokesperson and trendchaser, eagerly explained the rationale behind this unconventional shift, “Namaste symbolizes unity, respect, and frankly, it just makes me feel way cooler when I say it.”

While Sister Sunshine radiated enthusiasm for the change, it hadn’t escaped the notice of some church members that not everyone was on board with this spiritual makeover. 

A faction of the congregation voiced concerns about potential cultural appropriation and the notion that “Namaste” might not align with the core Adventist values like throwing shade on anything that sounds new agey.

Sister Grumbleton, a steadfast and long-standing member of the church, couldn’t hide her dismay, lamenting, “This ‘Namaste’ business feels as Adventist as pork roast at potluck. What’s next, chanting ‘Om’ during offering?”


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