Other Great Adventist Disappointments

1844 will likely always take 1st prize in terms of historic disappointment for Adventists but there are some present day letdowns that can also put a damper on things. Stuff like:


Image: New Yorker

There are some in our midst that would have you believe this stuff tastes like chocolate. They’ve clearly never had chocolate.

When they tell you you can preach the sermon and then you get demoted to the children’s story

Image: Adventist Review

You’ve been cut down to size and though it may mean less work, this kind of demotion can sting.

Not being re-ELECTED

This isn’t just a demotion. It means you may have to leave church admin and actually go be a pastor again!! Oh, the horror.

Special music 

Every once in a while there’s a Sabbath when the special music a cappella group has to re-start their song three times. It’s agonizing.

When they stop using felt for your Sabbath school class

You’ve aged out. Graduated. And not in a fun way. 

Getting chosen for parking lot duty

While everyone else is basking in climate-controlled glory inside, you are freezing (or sweating) outdoors, dealing with angry saints that can’t park.

Tithes and offerings
People giving tithes and offerings in church
IMAGE: NAD Stewardship
There’s just never quite enough.

Canceled potluck

Woe betide the poor announcements person that has to stand up and deliver this piece of news…


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